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An unseen hand; Guiding pawns through a living hell.
Leading the blind into the maw of the beast;
And as shadows they forever dwell.
Days drag along with a confused sense of time;
Years smear together as we remain unaligned.

Immaterial existences; Shrouded in a hazy veil.
Ethereal pieces; Following a weathered trail.
Lethargy reigning supreme;
Apathy to the greatest degree.

Fragmented souls and imprisoned minds;
We are anything but free.

We mull over the idea of fluidity, but remain completely still.
We long for greater life, but abandon the power of will.

Sadness overwhelms and darkness ensues.
Such a task to overcome when nothing seems to move.

When the more you question, the more you feel enslaved.
Break the chains which keep us restrained.
No regard for our salvation, from the kings of fabrication.
Born to serve a bastard nation as slaves to apathocracy.
Selfishness is driving us downward into a void of disarray.

Apathy must be conquered or in this hell we will stay
Abandon your comfort, its only borrowed time.

Reckless and blind, lacking empathy is the only true crime.
Be aware of the chaos surrounding you and break free with us.

Climb the ladder to the top and topple those who've blocked our ascent to higher cognition.

Extend a hand to all denied their rightful passage to prosperity and build on the graves of tyrants.


from Reclaimer EP, released July 30, 2013



all rights reserved


SYZYGIA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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