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What purpose does authority serve when the rule itself is corrupt?
How could we allow them a seat upon their throne,
when all the power in the world wasnt fucking enough?
Corrupt rule corrupting, conditioning dysfunction.
Dragging us through the filth and the dirt,
defiling us with destruction.

A nest of rats filled with vermin.
Breeding itself throughout every home in the land.
Brainwashing with false sermon.

Destined from a tainted birth;
Human meltdown polluting all of the earth.

Invisible demigods drunk on delusion.
The cowards hide themselves away from the world amidst our confusion.

Para-politically mandated enslavement.
Geopolitical tyranny determining all of the arrangements.

Sociopaths wielding weapons of mass destruction.
Force feeding self serving,
We've no use for your fucking indoctrination.

If we could sleep forever you would still be in our nightmares x4

We're hellbent on wasting our days.
Persistent half lives digging early graves.
Never taking chances on the questions we ask.

A reckless confusion guiding our every move.
Blind faith or methodical restructuring, we must choose.

Why always too late?
Why victims of unreached potential?

How can we ever hope to reach the stars,
if we cannot escape routine?
The sands of time will stop.
With this sword we'll break the hourglass.

Purge the infestation.
The time for reclamation has come.

(Jeff: How can we ever hope to reach the stars if we cannot escape routine? The sands of time will stop, and with this sword we'll break the hourglass.)



from Reclaimer EP, released July 30, 2013



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SYZYGIA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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