Self​-​serving Hivemind Parasite

from by SYZYGIA



Parting the flesh to probe an entry.
Navigating the framework with a diseased touch.
Infectious contact, passing decay effortlessly.
Numbing the mind to dissolve free will.
Bathing thoughts with its acid,
to liquify the very substance that binds us as one,
and grants us the keys to the stars.

This is the protocol that the hive mind parasite employs.
With it, the omnipotent nightmare intends to destroy.

A plague spread throughout the masses guiding our misdirection.
Turning us to handicapped slaves consumed by parasitic infection.

An unseen force suppressing the godlike energy locked within.
A vice on the soul of the populous, spreading our defiance thin.

Turning us to soldier components of obscenity, hate, and greed.
Each a drone fragment of a hulking death machine.

Arrogance hand in hand with the destruction of free thinking man,
but we will stand against such arrogance.
To think we wont ascend above the noise and kill the worms.
Now it ends.

Now it ends.

We the people who refuse to be bound,
to be bound by these chains,
must awaken from this dreamlike state,
and focus our endless disdain.

No longer a host for this ignorant sin.
We will rip the pathogenic spores from beneath our skin.
This is where we take a stand,
against what you are,
against what you've built;



from Reclaimer EP, released July 30, 2013



all rights reserved


SYZYGIA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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